Call for Papers for Young Scholars

Joint Workshop on: “Towards Sustainable Urban Energy Systems: Experiences from Asia and Latin America”

Date: 01-03 February 2018

Host and Venue: Institute of Advanced Energy, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan

Deadline for submission of extended abstract: 15 December 2017





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The selected participants of this comprehensive three-day fully-funded workshop will work together to share experiences and design sustainable energy solutions to urban areas. The workshop will provide a solid understanding of key policies and instruments which can be developed in order to boost the capacity of societies to establish a low carbon energy system in Asian and Latin American cities and achieve the local and global goals of sustainable development. The main objective of the proposed workshop is to discuss policy-oriented research on clean energy solutions in Asian and Latin American cities. Climate change will exacerbate the existing urban environmental management challenges in cities. At the same time, cities are responsible for significant global greenhouse gas emissions, and given current demographic trends, this level will likely only increase over time. These challenges highlight the need for cities to rethink how assets are deployed and people protected, how infrastructure investments are prioritized, and how climate will affect long-term growth and development plans. The workshop will be built around a number of lectures from the expert speakers in order to further explore best practices for sustainable urban energy system development. This three-day program is designed as a hand-on workshop through a combination of lectures and hands-on exercises where participants can use tools, they will practice key policies and scenarios and will learn how to develop their own strategic plans, as well as exchange research and lessons between Asia and Latin America. We will also explore the possibility of publishing an edited volume based on the symposium.


This call invites young scholars from Japanese or Brazilian universities with an interest in sustainable urban energy or similar fields. Young scholars here are interpreted as Ph.D candidates in their final years or Ph.D. holders that have less than 45 years.


Extended abstracts should be between 500-1000 words and should include the main points that will be covered in the article. Theories/perspectives, research methods, results and findings should also be briefly described. The articles should be based on empirical research and policy-oriented. Authors should have comprehensive quantitative and qualitative information about energy demand and supply about one or more cities in Asia or Latin America, as these data will be used in the exercises later on (we will provide further details for the selected candidates later on). Abstracts and papers should be submitted in MS Word format. Save the file as the last name of the first author. Papers can be co-authored, but the first author should be the young scholar. For the selected candidates full articles should be between 4,000 and 7,000 words submitted by 15 January 2018.


Send an email with all the required documents to the corresponding organizer with the subject “Workshop Kyoto” by 15 November 2017. Candidates from Japanese universities should send the email to Candidates from Brazilian universities should send the email to

The following documents should be attached:

- a short CV (maximum 2 pages)

- an extended abstract of the paper in English (500-1000 words)

- Scanned version of the Ph.D. diploma or certification that the candidate is a registered student in a Ph.D. program in Brazil or Japan.

The selection of the candidates will be based on their CV, the quality of their abstracts and potential to provide policy-oriented discussion.


Symposium Co-chairs:

Scientific Committee


*Submission of abstracts for the symposium: 15 December 2017
*Acceptance decision: 30 December 2017
*Submission of first drafts of the papers: 15 January 2018
*Workshop: 01-03 February 2018

For the selected candidates from Brazil, we will cover all the travel expenses to and from Brazil. For the selected candidates from Japan that live outside the Kyoto area, travel expenses will be covered.